Welcome to SoCal Muscle Car Club

SoCal Muscle is a car club dedicated to everything fast. From today’s high-tech performance vehicles, to vintage American muscle cars, home built custom street rods, and some wild project cars, we have it all. Big block or small block, Ford, Chevy or Mopar, turbo, supercharged or nitrous... If it’s fast you need to be here.

The club, though, is about much more than simply cars. We are first and foremost a group of friends with a common interest in cars. In addition to our informal weekly get-togethers most Friday nights, we also organize a variety of club events throughout the year. These include activities such as cruises, barbecues, parties, time to get together with friends and work on your car, days at the racetrack where you could take home bragging rights as the fastest around, and even dyno days to test out your ride’s potential. It’s all about enjoying the unique automotive lifestyle here in Southern California.

On Friday nights, we normally meet up around 8:30 p.m. at Bob's Big Boy on Corbin Avenue in Northridge, California (see a map). Check out the events section of our Message Board to find out the latest information, or just stop by and meet us on Friday evenings. We look forward to seeing you there.

SPECIAL NOTE: Illegal street racing each year kills dozens of innocent bystanders. A conviction for street racing could lead to sizeable fines, suspension of your driver’s license, and even seizure of your vehicle by the police. SoCal Muscle Car Club does not condone or encourage street racing in whatever form. Members are strongly encouraged to TAKE IT TO THE TRACK, AND LET YOUR TIMESLIPS DO THE TALKING!

Latest News

Oct 2009 - New meeting location decided.

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